Bodynanny Experience Gift Set

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About This Product

Treat your body to our New Interactive Product Experience. This set is packed with wellness and care for your body to enjoy. Here is how it works....You can add a quarter size of either the Bodynanny Unscented Cream OR Bodynanny Scrub to the palm of your hand and then add 3 to 4 drops of Bodynanny Serum to the Cream OR the Scrub. Massage the mixture together and apply to your body. The Bodynanny Scrub/Serum mixture will exfoliate the dead skin cells off your body after you rinse it off in either the bathtub or the shower. The Bodynanny Cream/Serum mixture will add extreme moisture to your entire body or targeted dry skin areas of your body. You can also use the Bodynanny Serums, Scrub or Cream alone. Set Includes: One Unscented Bodynanny Scrub 8 oz One Unscented Bodynanny Cream 8oz One Vitamin C Serum 1oz One Eucalyptus Serum 1oz One Zinc Serum 1oz One Nourish Serum 1oz One Body Sponge This Set Arrives In White Box With Red Stretch Ribbon.