Bodynanny Turn Down Experience Kit

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About This Product

Enjoy a wonderful night sleep with our New Turn Down Experience Kit.... This kit is packed with products that will exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize and boost your skin while you sleep. This set includes: One 8oz Jar of Unscented Sugar Scrub, One 8oz Jar of Unscented Body Cream, One 1oz bottle of Vitamin C Serum and one of our signature bodynanny sponges. This set also arrives clear gift boxed and ribboned. End your day with a Turn Down Experience. BONUS OFFER! RECEIVE ONE FREE 8oz Jar of Bodynanny Eucalyptus Milk Soaking Bath Salts with each Turn Down Kit! Prepare a warm bath, add Bath Salts OR Serum to bath, Soak your body, add quarter size of Scrub to wet sponge, exfoliate select area of body that needs smoothing, rinse entire body in tub. Exit tub, dry body off with bath towel, apply body body cream and/or body serum to body. The products are extremely concentrated so only small amount of product is necessary to achieve smooth skin and relaxing experience. This process is best at night before you go to bed.